Founded in 2003 by Christos Georghiades, Certified Pilates Instructor, Bowen Therapist and TRX Suspension Trainer, Flex and Point Pilates Studio offers quality training and Bowen therapy in a modern and relaxing environment.

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The Instructor

Christos Georghiades was born in London, UK and moved to Cyprus from a very early age. After graduating from the English School in Nicosia, he returned to the UK to achieve BA in Sports and Fitness Studies. He then proceeded to specialize in the Pilates method becoming a Certified Pilates Instructor. In 2004, he opened Flex and Point Pilates Studio, one of the first Pilates Studios in Nicosia, offering quality personal training to prestigious clientele. He is well known for the good results he achieves with people who have scoliosis, kyphosis, lordosis, back pain and knee problems. He works with people of all ages, for wellness as well as treatment of various health conditions. His ability to help people with health issues has pushed him to further his knowledge in the field of therapy. He therefore proceeded to study the Bowen Technique in the UK (a gentle therapeutic method) and become a registered Bowtech practitioner. He also holds the TRX diploma.

BA Sports and Fitness Studies
Certified Pilates Instructor
Certified Bowen Therapist BTAA
TRX Suspension Trainer

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  1. Andrie santis says:

    Hi. I wanted to confirm if you had classes that I could join?

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