31 Oct. 2017

At my advanced age (90) I turned to Bowen Therapy in order to maintain a desirable quality of life. This meant lack of pain, improved blood circulation and some mobility.
After only a few sessions under the vigilant expertise of my practitioner Christos there was decisive improvement. Not only was my pain (knee operations: osteoporosis) greatly reduced and my circulation improved but I was also sleeping better and, above all, despite my age, my lifestyle is still relatively “active”.

Laura Vidal


27 Oct. 2017

I have been suffering from back problems for the past 30 years after a slipped disc in 1985.
This has caused several relapses over the years which were cured with shiatsu when I still lived in Rome and a mixture of osteopathy and acupuncture when I moved to London. Since we moved to Cyprus over 18 years ago, I have had 3 relapses which were cured with osteopathy. About a year ago I realised that osteopathic treatments were too harsh for my back (suspected beginning of osteoporosis) and my bone structure so I turned to Christos Georghiades and Bowen. Christos was extremely effective in his Bowen practice and I have felt incredible benefits with his method of Bowen.
Not only has he helped me with my back issues, which he continues to treat, but with the issues that I have with my neck (due to long hours marking) and with my right arm, for the same reason as above.
Bowen has also helped my hot flashes (due to the menopause) and problems of sleeping.
I am determined to continue the combination of Pilates and Bowen in order to live a better, pain free life.
I would not only recommend it (Bowen) highly to everyone as well as being convinced that it’s down to the ability of the practitioner above all and Christos is one in a million!