The Pilates body conditioning method was developed by Joseph Hubertus Pilates in the early 1900s. It is not just a type of exercise; it is a conceptual approach to the movement of the human body, while developing body awareness. It will not only change the way you look, but also how you feel and think.

Today, with the many different levels and ways of training, the uniqueness of the Pilates method continues to meet the individuals’ physical needs with tailor-made, supervised, equipment and mat-work sessions for everyone.

More complex than other forms of exercise, Pilates concentrates on breathing with movement, body mechanics, balance, coordination, positioning of the body, spatial awareness, strength and flexibility.

It is beneficial for general fitness, prevention of injuries, improved posture, remedial and rehabilitation work, stress reduction, increased energy, improvement of technique for dancers and athletes, pregnancy (ante and post natal), the elderly and children.